Code Updates

News #1182 posted by Gonnil on 2021-06-27 07:35:54.

A couple of issues with the garb command were fixed: one when wearing a shield
while wielding a missile weapon, and one related to wielding lances.
Thanks to Dastorin for reporting this issue and Incendi for the fix.

Various Nephandi updates:
The "malfean lash" spell has had its damage increased, and its helpfile has
been adjusted to clarify some aspects of its usage.

The demon summoned by the Infernalist spell "enslaved summoning" now will
auto-switch its target to whomever the summoner is attacking. Also, the demon
can now always enter tunneled rooms regardless of capacity.

The Infernalist spell "shared agony" has been further tweaked to reduce the
number of times it displays a message that it misses the target.

Thanks to Myrr, Owyn, and others who have reported these issues.