Shops Update

News #1188 posted by Gonnil on 2021-09-09 12:05:25.

The following changes to shops are now available!

- A new command called "id". Players can use "id" to automatically identify
items in a shop, instead of having to buy the item and then identify it.
There is a small fee of gold charged for this service. This will be a boon
for new players especially as they navigate the world for the first time.
Example: "id cloak"
See the updated "help buy" for more information.

- List now defaults to "list all" instead of only showing items you can use
within your current level range. This was done in response to confusion where
players were unable to see items that other players were seeing, and to allow
players to see a complete list of items being sold.

- When buying multiple items at once, the words "a", "an", "the" no longer
display. "You buy 10 dragonskins" instead of "You buy 10 a dragonskins."

Thanks very much to Zistrosk for spearheading these changes and Romani for the
helpfile updates. Please let an immortal know any bugs or feedback if needed.