Thoth's World - Avatar Bounty Hunter Mode

News #1191 posted by Gonnil on 2021-10-24 16:44:30.

Coming soon... Thoth's World - Avatar Bounty Hunter Mode!

A new twist on an alternate dimension. This time, everyone who participates
will start at level 50! Every player will arrive into the world as a new
avatar, with no items. All multiplaying is disabled. Only peaceful
characters are allowed. And in this world, no more clock-watching...
There is no limit to online time, unlike prior instances of Thoth's World.

A list of 20 mobs will be available on the day that the event opens. Your
goal is to kill as many different mobs on the list as you can. The kills of
these mobs will be tracked automatically. Your award in the main game will be
based on the number that you kill. Awards include glory, items, and prestige!

Since some of the mobs on the list will require more than one person to
defeat, one key to success will be to partner with other players. But, only
the person who places the killing blow will be able to be counted for each
kill. There are no laws regarding killstealing or staking in this event.

Although multiplay is disabled, you can make as many characters as you want.
However, only the character with the highest number of bounty kills will count
for prize awards. For example: you kill 6 mobs on one character, but a 7th
different mob on another character. The 7th wouldn't count.

This event is set to last for 5 days sometime in November. More info soon!