2021 End of Year Events

News #1196 posted by Gonnil on 2021-12-03 11:00:30.

As another fun year in the Realms of Despair draws to an end, the gods have
decided to end the year with another round of temporary weakenings, which will
last from now until the end of Sunday, December 19. The following mobs have
had their hit points reduced by 25%:

- the mud-bound catoblepas
- a large, mucilaginous blob
- Zharr'mak
- the Slime Behemoth
- Tisiphone
- Mordeth

Don't forget - we have the Double Experience event this Saturday and Sunday.
Great opportunity to invite someone new or bring back one of your old friends.
See previous news item for more information.

And... a rift into the Timestream is predicted to open later this month.

And potentially Midway as well?

On behalf of the immortal staff, to all players and organizations, we want
to wish everyone a happy holidays! Wishing you peace, joy, good fortune,
big hp and mana leveling gains, and rare pops for all.