A lost letter

News #1210 posted by Aegir on 2022-07-24 19:27:58.

Kaern --

Thanks to your advice I was able to locate the village, but I do not
think it will serve your purpose as a trading post. The location is
too remote, and there are many dangers in these woods.

The trip wasn't a waste, though, since I find I can source some rare
materials in the area. You're always telling me about the foolhardy
adventurers you meet on your travels -- send a few of them to meet
me by the Sarulta Woods, and I'll make it worth their while.

If that's not enough to tempt them up here, I suspect the villagers
have a few secrets of their own that might make it worth winning
their trust.

your affectionate brother,

PS that's the last time I ask you to recommend a bar, the cocktails
from that tavern blew up a month's worth of my supplies.