Changes and Fixes

News #1212 posted by Gonnil on 2022-09-17 21:16:27.

The follow command now allows any character to follow any character, removing
the previous 10 level range restriction and the ability for low level
characters to follow NC members. Now, anyone can follow anyone, unless the
player is config +nofollow or is ignoring the follower. This allows low level
players to follow avatars who want to help them. Thank you Babui for putting
forth this idea during discussions on how to help new players.

The remains command now includes both the area location and the room name, in
order for new players to more easily get their bearings when they have died.
The favor requirement is also very little for low level characters, although
it is still a requirement to be devoted to a deity. Thank you to Incendi for
contributing code for the remains and follow commands.

The data Realms of Despair submits related to the Mud Server Status Protocol
(MSSP) has been updated and corrected. This helps make sure that certain
websites that collect information about muds have the correct information.

A bug that allowed new characters to obtain a base stat higher than 18 was
fixed, and existing characters that had a base above 18 due to this specific
flaw have had their stats above 18 allocated to other stats.

The banker in Cursed Lands now properly handles deposits and withdrawals.
Thank you Iohannis for pointing out this issue.