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Getting Started - Newbie Guide


Here you'll find some simple maps, an armor class list, a note about the author, and notes about the guide's history.


To assist your exploration of the first town you'll encounter, I have attached some maps.

In game:
To see the Darkhaven map, type: HELP MAP.
To see the Umbrageous Ruins map, type: HELP PKMAP and HELP PKMAP2.

Map of New Darkhaven


HELP PKMAP2 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

An Armor Class Table

AC | Description
+101 and up | the rags of a beggar (worst AC)
+100 - +80 | improper for adventure
+79 - +55 | shabby and threadbare
+54 - +40 | of poor quality
+39 - +20 | scant protection
+19 - +10 | that of a knave
+9 - 0 | moderately crafted
-1 - -10 | well crafted
-11 - -20 | the envy of squires
-21 - -40 | excellently crafted
-41 - -60 | the envy of knights
-61 - -80 | the envy of barons
-81 - -100 | the envy of dukes
-101 - -200 | the envy of emperors
-201 and lower | that of an avatar (best AC)


Your humble author is a shy Dwarf. (Well, maybe not so much.) You can see his portrait by having a New Player's Guide and typing LOOK AUTHOR.


This version of the New Player's Guide could be called 2.2.
2.1 was completely re-written by Stoneheft Gemstone during the week of The Shattering - the completion of an effort begun years earlier by Julie, sadly lost to this and another Realm.

2.0: An exhaustive work by Brittany.
2.1: Stoneheft Gemstone included original works by Shattering Era Newbie Councilors.
2.2: Edited, formatted, and updated by Loril Gemstone-Edelstone with suggestions from NoCtUrNe Sanctum and Babui d'Mortem and commentary from Asterix and Grezelle.
2.2.1: Web version, marked up and lightly edited by Loril.

Much appreciation to many Newbie Councillors past who are not named here. Gone but never really forgotten, their selfless efforts through the years have helped countless new players find their way. Each of you know that I have always been your faithful fan.

/Loril - August, 2008; March, 2011