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'As one we are strong.

An ageless organization of the masters of ancient magicks. The first of the clans to rise above the murderous path and to deliberately choose one of light and peace above all others, the Order of Arcanes has a long and distinguished history within the Realms. Since their revival as an Order after the Great Sundering of the Old Clans, the Arcanes have always worked towards these goals and to this day hold the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the magicks above all else.

Every member of the Order of Arcanes has taken it upon themselves to live by a strict Code of Conduct that requires ardent teamwork and cooperation. Tireless and never-ending, the quest for a true understanding and practical application of the magicks is the goal of every Arcane. Near the shores of the Crystalmir Lake lies their Sanctum, fabricated from the deepest and most ancient of magicks by the Guardian Brothers Marduk and Marruka. This mystical fortress serves as the physical manifestation and everpresent reminder of the Arcanes' ability.

To apply, see the in-game Arcanes inductions help file.
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'No ascent is too steep for mortals. Heaven itself we seek in our folly.

Since the beginning of time, all mortal beings have attempted to understand the cosmos. However, the very fabric of life, woven in chaos and disorder, has always seemed elusive. For the Ascendere, all things shall one day be comprehended. Their search for knowledge and enlightenment has led them to the heart of the ether.

This collaboration of mortal entities is oriented towards achieving their goals through law and order. They have weaved for themselves a highly structured society. Yet they maintain a great love for the Ethereal, the plane from which all mystical beings, even gods, arise. Within this strata, they feel closer to the secrets of the ever-shifting cosmos, and gain great power and knowledge by their interactions with it.

It is through a unity at once mortal and ethereal that the Ascendere rise above the fray to illuminate the obscure corners of the Realms with the lamp of knowledge; to bring system, structure, and order to the unfathomable ether; and to assail the agents of chaos, subjecting them to their organized will.

To apply, see the in-game Help Asc_inductions help file.
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'Aeternus insto temperantia

The ancient Inconnu strive endlessly to attain Golconda, the personal perfection of knowledge, ability, and control over the bestial self. The mastery of one aspect serves only to mark a beginning anew of the trek for perfection down new paths. Largely indifferent to joy or sorrow, pleasure or pain, and choosing to live in relative seclusion from the world they often despise, the Inconnu care little for their lesser brethren yet harbor no inherent desire to bring harm. Slow to anger, but formidable when aroused, their elder status and power affords them an uncommon respect.

One does not seek the Inconnu, it is they who seek you.
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Sanctus Irae

'Benche sia dimenticato io aumenti ancora in ombra

The Order of Sanctus Irae is a roleplay-enforced organization dedicated to the progression and innovation of the art of roleplay within the Realms of Despair. We offer a communal environment in which to develop and advance characters of all backgrounds, races and trades within an atmosphere of commerce, community and adventure centralized around a port city inviting to trade merchants and foreign guests alike. Our goal is to foster a sense of community and prosperity to those residing with the city walls, as well as to offer sanctuary to those who come in need of it.

To apply, see the in-game OSI inductions help file.
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'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

Excellence, perfection, reaching one's maximum potential. Mastering the arts of combat, understanding the principles of magick, conquering your foes, comprehending the forces that weave the realms into existence.

Many promise it, but few actually achieve it for they do not realize it is never truly achieved. It is continuously strived for, for as one improves one's self he raises his own potential to become better.

The members of the Order of Arete were the first to realize this, shrugging off the shackles and philosophies that held them from reaching their true goals. Together they realized they could work towards Arete, true excellence. By passing on what they have learned to others and accepting that others have much to teach them as well, the followers of Arete have chosen to center their lives around daily aspiration for excellence, to continually raise their potential and work harder to reach their heightened goals. To wake each day and strive to become better than the day before. Only in this way will they find real inner peace, true harmony, only in this way can they reach for Arete.

To apply, see the in-game Arete inductions help file.
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'Ubi solitudinem facuint pacem appellant.' (They create desolation and call it peace.)

Pure, unadulterated evil is rare and so are the Baali. They tempt others to let their dark side free, to just give in. After all, it is so much easier. The Baali serve the darkest force that exists in the Realms, Ba'al. Be it through devotion to Vl'aresch, Mak'kor, LaChte, or Bael, in the end, the Greater Demon Lord is served. They are not, however, senseless killers. Rather, the Baali are the gentle corrupters who tempt all of mankind. They are the serpent in the garden, the dark voice that whispers from the back of one's mind. Your eventual corruption, their "raison d'etre".

To apply, see the in-game Baali apps help file.
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'Thou shalt tread upon the dragon; the wyrm shalt thou trample underfoot.

Offering a dragon mercy is ill advised. Thou shalt tread upon the dragon; the wyrm shalt thou trample underfoot. The Order of Dragonslayers stands as a testament to Honor, Comaraderie, and the Slaying of Dragons. The Dragonslayers are the second oldest organization on the Realms of Despair, having survived the Great Purge to be reborn, as a phoenix from the flame. The Order of Dragonslayers is made up of all classes and races, bonded together by their mutual respect and their desire to slay dragons. Come not between a Dragonslayer and their wrath.

To apply, see the in-game Dragonslayers help file.
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'Truth, Honor, Knowledge

In ancient times, savage creatures of all different classes, races, and sexes fought as individuals, with little regard for others. Soon, these creatures of the world began to see the wisdom of forming groups for survival.

The first of these groups was the family. Husband, wife, and children all worked together to benefit the family. This method of organization still lacked sufficient power and opportunity. After a number of centuries, the first of the great guilds appeared, offering members a chance to unite based on their chosen class. These guilds proved sufficient in providing for the social needs of their members. However, guild members were often forced to look outside of their guild for needed resources... In trying to fill this void, several individuals began grouping together, and began what is now called the Order of Ringbearers.

The primary goal of the Ringbearers' is to grasp the rings of truth, honor, and knowledge. This is done through exploring the Realms, teaching and learning from others, and staying respectful to all others. Equality in all forms is a central ideal of the Order of Ringbearers. No one class or race shall receive preference over another. All segments must unite in a circle, or a ring of brotherhood, to deliver success.

In the Order of Ringbearers, all members shall have the right to voice their opinions and vote on Order policy. No member shall be sanctioned nor outcast for words they say while in the confines of the Order's headquarters, or over Ordertalk, as long as they remain respectful and honest to themselves and their fellow members.

To apply, see the in-game RB induction help file.
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