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Cry of Despair

Below is our archive of past issues of the Cry of Despair. The Cry of Despair was the player-written publication of Guild, Order, Race, and Clan news plus monthly quests, role playing information, interviews, adventure, poetry, and more exciting content.

All issues we could find have been migrated to the site and include issues until November 2015. Sadly, quite a few are still missing. If you find any, please contact Loril or Sepharoth in-game.

Some filthy copies of the ancient Times of Despair were found under a rock in the Kingdom of Juargan! Click to read! February, 1997, September, 1997, January, 1998


No.sort ascendingTitleDate
119Interviews with Heroes and Linda10/2007
118Mainwarric: Song of the Sea, Foxarius: Procrastinate now!09/2007
117Irrybis: ongoing strife, Hobbits Guide to Headwear08/2007
1162007 Realms of Despair Awards results06/2007
115Hobbit Thane demands justice, Dateline Edo - Dragon bites hand that feeds it05/2007
114Lomar War, Fiebin: Things to do, Klaatu the Benevolent: desirable04/2007
110Who stuck the bottle of Meeka's swill you-know-where?11/2006
106CoE Answers, Romani: a Gith ship, eerie captain's wheel turning on its own06/2006
105Alysira: 2006 Realms of Despair Awards, Qefequami: Exaggerations04/2006
104In which Hobbits save the Realms and Genge compares classes02/2006
103 Interview With A Vampire - by Mari01/2006
102Holiday gift ideas; Hobbit cuisine; Half-Ogre Pin-up Calendar12/2005
101Matanza: his interview, his zombie costume; Ringbearers: batty11/2005
100100 Issues! Tribute to 100 Staffers! Zombies! 17 Immortal Interviews! 10/2005
99Pixie News: we are not for dinner; Genge: Fathomers09/2005
98Grabbing Nelkum, hoisting him .. Tokai escapes east; Genge: Barbarians08/2005
97Interview: Rhadamanthus; Much Roleplay; A Ruby Red Offering07/2005
96Babui interprets your MUD dreams and tells us The Story Of The Drow, Tokai06/2005
95Inns of the Realms; Killing Blow of the Month; Take of the Night: My First Bite05/2005
94Vortok's Eight Gates; Fiebin: Desert of Despair, still worth exploring?04/2005
932005 RoD Awards! Karkarov: Nephandi, new levels of depravity; Babui: Scary Nursery Rhymes03/2005
92Vortok's Horror of it All; Level 10 Bladesinger; NextGen Clan; A Sultan and a Strange Genie02/2005
91In which we witness the Killing Blow of the Month and consider belated gifts01/2005
90Babui: holidays; Deadly NC; Loril: ...; Nelkum: Academy PTA report; Trading12/2004
89Evening with Cyril; Ups and Downs of Trading; Roleplay craft11/2004
88Marihem: Shadowy Path; Bloody Bloopers; Rosetta's School of Antics10/2004
87Focus on Learning: Rosetta's School of Antics; Babui and the Newbie Council09/2004
86Questmaster Pheayre reviews the 10th Anniversary Realms of Despair Reunion08/2004
85Herald Assembly announces Hall of Renown07/2004
84Babui: Hot date? What to wear; More Uncle Sarakin stories for sticky kids06/2004