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Cry of Despair

Below is our archive of past issues of the Cry of Despair. The Cry of Despair was the player-written publication of Guild, Order, Race, and Clan news plus monthly quests, role playing information, interviews, adventure, poetry, and more exciting content.

All issues we could find have been migrated to the site and include issues until November 2015. Sadly, quite a few are still missing. If you find any, please contact Loril or Sepharoth in-game.

Some filthy copies of the ancient Times of Despair were found under a rock in the Kingdom of Juargan! Click to read! February, 1997, September, 1997, January, 1998


No.sort descendingTitleDate
37Interview: Iliana; Journey of the Sun and Moon; Jaryl's 15 minutes of Fame2000
38Interviews: Thoric and Hoerkin! Bot Debate! Tried and Proven Worthy!2000
39In which Herne said no and told the immortal to shoo.2000
40Interviews: Stoneheft and Edmond, Giko: goodbye to Parisul2000
41McBaker's fortune cookies; Treasure Chest: chocolate; Moonbeam wartalks2000
42Cry of Despair Awards; Newbie Counciltalk; Sarig: To My Grandfather2000
43Interview: Grishnakh; CoE Answers: Kali; Racin: Tribute to Linda2000
44Inside NC; CoE Answers; Alihan: ... all I got; Meet Tiki; Goodbye Lascivias12/2000
45New Year. Same Dragon; Resolutions01/2001
46Good Leader? Billionaire? CoE? Who stole Kacy's link?03/2001
47April Fools; Not Aeriel! Best of Funny Bones04/2001
48Conran: Newbie's Guide to Guilds; Immortals in Movies05/2001
49Interview: Thalasian; CoE Answers (and a sneak peek); Roleplay: emotes06/2001
50Kuah steps down; Your thoughts!07/2001
51Dear Myra and Ilsensine; Conran: Newbie Guide to Orders08/2001
54Interview: Kinux; Newbie Guide to Player Killing; Realms of Despair 10112/2001
55Realms of Despair 101: Tanking; Battle for Darkhaven; 02/2002
56Interview: Conran; Tiki: Matchmaker; CoE answers02/2002
57RoD Awards 2002; Edmond: Housing; RoD Radio! Dear Myra and Ilsensine02/02
58Realms of Despair 101: Run Etiquette; TS Annual Report04/2002
59Amante's Guide to PKill; RoD 101 - Leading a Run; Interview: Tiki05/2002
60Ilsensine: Sicking Goodness and Hate or Date; Deadly News06/2002
61Addicted? Timely Tidbits07/2002
62Amoria interviews Kador; Juliana: Mapping08/2002
638th Anniversary Reunion: Awards, Interviews, Memories!09/2002
64Immortal Tribute Issue!10/2002
65Surviving the Shattering and Arena Player-Kill11/2002
66Holiday Spectacular12/2002
67Interviews: Aslan and Mumra; Juliana: Art of area building01/2003
68Interviews: Myra and Pred; Juliana: Furthering building skills02/2003